i Cast
iCast ERP - Foundry Management Software
iCast ERP - Foundry Management Software

Our software solutions for foundry industries- ‘iCast’, iCastPRO & iCastENTERPRISE are developed under the consultation of leading foundrymen, foundry professionals and management consultants. It has successfully implemented and working in various foundries. In a very short time span iCast has been very popular and favorite Foundry Software for production and management among the foundries. Smart analysis reports and BI reports generated by iCast has been proven enormous help to foundry owners and managers in overcoming challenges like data capturing and analysis of the data and taking business decisions. This software provides solution to almost all the basic day to day needs and requirements that arises in a foundry. It covers all the major functionality of the foundry industry.

The benefits of employing ‘iCast’-Foundry Management Software
  • Standardization Of Business Processes like Operational and Outsourcing Processes
  • Improvements in Efficacy in Information and Data Management Due to Real Time Access, Transparency as well as Controlled Data Management
  • Supply Chain and Value Chain Optimization will Result in Cutting Down Excess Inventory Costs, Consumable Costs and other costs
  • It will be proved a Handy Tool For Decision Making
  • Business Analysis and Business Intelligence (BI) Reports can be generated on a click
  • It will definitely Give an Edge Over Competitors
Why iCast ?
So, what makes iCast so special? And why?
  • Developed by foundry professionals & consultants with the help of several foundrymen
  • ERP is developed exclusively for foundry industry. Usually people take readymade software and then try to convert it according to the foundry industry. Statistics says that such softwares are not successful in the industry due to the complexity of the foundry process.
  • Final product released after many number of iterations and practical trials- Hence, the product is bug free, has user Friendly UI and rich in user experience
  • Developed using latest technological concepts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy up gradation from one module to another (From inventory module to pro or from pro to enterprise edition)
  • Customizable solution up to large extent
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  • Customer Master
  • Supplier Master
  • Pattern/Die Master
  • Casting Master (Specification & Drawing )
  • Raw Material Master
  • Foundry Return Master
  • Grade Master
  • Charge Master
  • Service Item Master
  • Set Master
  • Casting / Raw Material Rate Master
  • Other Masters Like City, State, Country, UOM, Rejection Reason etc...

    Stores / Inventory Management

  • Store Indent
  • Goods Receipt
  • Raw Material Rejection
  • Store Inventory/Stock (Location/type based)
  • Department Wise Issues
  • Returnable / Non returnable Gate pass

    Jobwork Outsource

  • Job work Rate Contract
  • Annexure-II
  • Job Receipt
  • Job Work Reports

    Charge Calculation

  • Item wise Chemical Composition
  • Master Charge Preparation
  • Least Cost Charge Calculation
  • Real Time Charge Calculation

    Machinery Maintenance

  • Machine wise Preventive Maintenance (Daily / Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
  • Break Down History and Analysis
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

    Mold Preparation (Lost Wax)

  • Wax Pattern Production
  • Pattern Assembly (Tree Making)
  • Stucco Material Application
  • De-waxing

    Pattern/Die Management

  • Pattern/Die Code Generation
  • Drawings
  • Pattern/Die Issue/ Return
  • Pattern/Die Transaction Report
  • Pattern/Die Location

    Item Evaluation sheet

  • One Time Development Cost & Time
  • Recurring Cost & Frequency
  • Quality Inspection Cost & Frequency


  • Pending Order to Pour
  • Monthly/Weekly Production Plan
  • Daily/ Melt wise Production Plan
  • Mold/Core planning
  • Raw Material Procurement Plan
  • MIS Report Related to Planning

    Quality Control and Inspection

    Chemical Prop Testing

  • Spectro-Analysis
  • Sand Testing
  • Physical Prop Testing

  • Hardness Testing
  • Microstructure Testing
  • Reports and Certification

  • Chemical & Mechanical Test Certificates
  • Casting Rejection Analysis
  • WIP Rejection Analysis
  • Customer Rejection Analysis
  • Raw Material Rejection Analysis
  • Sand Type Wise Rejection Analysis

    Internal Reminder System

  • Using iCast one user can send reminders to other user.

    Automatic Notifications

  • System will provide notifications in diff- erent scenarios such as low inventory, New Order Entry, Regarding Prod etc...

    Internal Reminder System

  • Customer Inquiry Management
  • Quotation Generation
  • Order generation
  • Order Ammendment
  • Order Acceptance
  • Pro-forma Invoice Generation
  • MIS Reports


  • Purchase Indent
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Vendor performance

    Production / Rejection

  • Mold Production
  • Core Production
  • Casting Production
  • Mold/Core Rejection
  • Casting Rejection Entry
  • Heat Properties

    Sales / Dispatch

  • Sales Invoice
  • Challan Receipt
  • Packing
  • MIS Reports


  • Custom / Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • ARE 1
  • Annexure C1 / Self Sealing Annexure
  • Bank Forwarding Letter
  • Export Value Declaration
  • Duty Draw Back Declaration (DBK)
  • Statutory Declaration Form (SDF)

    Other Functionalities

  • Labor Contract
  • Integration with Tally
  • Graphical Presentation of Reports
  • Integration with PLC\Third Party Devices
  • Customer Complaints Module
  • Biometric Attendance integration
  • Spectro integration
  • Email Scheduler
  • Auto Backup

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